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Who We Are

We’re a group of people, just like you — well, like one out of every fifty of you, at least. We come from diverse backgrounds, education levels, and yes, political viewpoints. In our area, we also come from a variety of different states and countries, enabling an even greater diversity. Our group is very active; and our newsletter, The 4M, has repeatedly won national awards. If you had a specific area of interest, you could easily find a like-minded group in one of over a hundred different, national Special Interest Groups (SIGs) from Bitcoin to Burning Man.

We’ve scored in the top 2% of certain standardized tests, any number of which can be used for membership. We are aware that there are many different kinds of intelligence, including some that can’t be measured by standardized tests, such as leadership, or artistic. But generally, most of us have an insatiable curiosity, and desire to learn things new. Some are us are analytical, some readers, some math, some artistic; and generally, we’re the ones who may laugh at the jokes just a half second before the rest of the crowd.

We are a quirky, wonderful group of people. And we get your humor. And would love to have a spirited conversation about most anything that’s on your mind. Check out the membership information, and consider joining us! Or join us at one of our public events.

Me and You and COVID-19

Me and You and COVID-19 By David W. Tschanz I spent thirty years as an infectious disease epidemiologist in South Carolina, Arizona and Saudi Arabia.  I also write a lot lately on history and current affairs. Because of that I keep getting suggestions from my friends...

Quarantine: An Introvert’s Holiday

Thoughts, and opportunity list.   A few days ago, I humorously passed along a meme, Quarantine: An Introvert’s Holiday. It rings partly true for me: I’ve been an extrovert, and I’ve been an introvert. I remember the specific foolishnesses of those periods...

Coronavirus Community Conversation

Craving contact? In these times of social distancing, we're thinking about ways for the group to stay in touch. As each one of the post-type pages at this site have the ability to comment at the bottom, we'd thought we'd dedicate a page simply to the comments and...

Chapter Demographic Interests — 2020

Group Interests, 2020 We first did this compilation a year ago, a listing of the interests of Manasota Mensa members. In those areas that we had individually listed with America Mensa, this is the data of the entire group. Without surprise, we are a broad group...

This Chart of the 1918 Spanish Flu Shows Why Social Distancing Works

Editor's note: This piece was passed on to me at the beginning of this outbreak by our Publicity Coordinator, Ombudsman, and epidemiologist David Tschanz. It's also found on the web, here.  This chart of the 1918 Spanish flu shows why social distancing works In...



Take the sample test and see.

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In one of the most amazing resources on the web, Mensa for kids has lesson plans, suggestions, games and much more to assist you in your child's development.


Mensa's a great organization to join. If you wonder if you qualify, take the sample test and see. If you're ready to go, take the qualifying test, or submit past test results.

Activities and Events

Typical Events

These are some of the events that are frequently on our monthly calendar. Some of these are hosted around town, and some in members’ homes:

  • Cheap Eats, dining out on the cheap around town.

  • Ethnic Dining, various ethnic restaurants around town.

  • Scrabble (multiple times and locations) as well as other Games nights.

  • Picnics—usually draws much of the membership.

  • Great Courses teaching videos, with after-discussion.

  • Kayaking/Canoeing.

  • What would you like to do? We’ll come and hang with you.