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In one of the most amazing resources on the web,Mensa for kids has lesson plans, suggestions, games and much more to assist you in your child’s development. As an organization, Mensa itself has no viewpoint, or position on any issue, whether political or social. It is an Association (of members, with those varied viewpoints), not an Organization. —With one notable exception: Mensa Foundation sponsors the Mensa for kids Resource. And an outstanding resource this is. There are several well-developed sections, as well as more formal coursework guided by ongoing research at Stanford, such as Language Arts and Mathematics.

In one major area, there are lesson plans from Early Elementary, through Middle, and High School. The subjects range from Genetics, to Fibonacci, to the Art of Storytelling, to Hurricanes. And much more. And each of these come with Introductions, Lessons, Assessments, all enabling the teacher or home schooler to unfold this area.

Additionally, there are tons resources in the suggested Activities to do with your young ones.


Follow the grain

A wood master craftsman evaluates his sample carefully before he begins to contemplate the piece he will carve. He doesn’t begin with a certain end-product in mind as this might work against the grain and make the piece very difficult. Instead, he decides what he will carve by where he sees the grain within. And then works with the unique gift in his hands. There are many kinds of intelligence; some of which can’t easily be measured: mathematical, science, language, art, music, social awareness, leadership — with one type being ‘all of the above’. The exercises that are offered here contain a great deal of variety. And in that is a great ability to watch where the grain develops. What proclivities does your young one have? Contemplate guiding this where it leads. And develop that natural masterpiece.

And understand that many things develop in later life. Early bloomers to an area; late bloomers, etc. This following linked article discusses the “sweet spot” of age where much of this becomes “baked in”. An interesting perspective: 6 Reasons Not to Give IQ Tests to Young Children.

Mensa for kids Reviewed Areas

Two of the areas below that we specifically reviewed are:

  • Ted Talks — thought provoking video presentations, to contemplate and discuss with your young ones — and information for you to meditate on as well. And,
  • A Year of Living Poetically — restoring the lost art of poetry memorization, and how important this is to us in life.

Mensa for kids is a wonderful resource. Click the button below to go to the website.

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