Amazing artwork by member, Timothy Raines. I’d first met Tim over a year ago by accidentally emailing him with a similar name to a co-member of a board I was on. And what a fortuitous accident! When I’d clicked on his website, I saw an unbelievably creative artist, with unique style.

I’d once talked with a well-known impressionist artist, whose realistic work I had already seen. Knowing he could do both, I asked him, “why impressionist?” A former teacher of a NYC art school, he got passionate, and said, “You can’t do good impressionist work if you don’t have a control of form.” (i,e., the ability to render realistically.) Since then, I have laid that grid overtop of every impressionist work that I have seen, some true to the form, many just splashing paint on a canvas.

When I saw Tim’s work, I was astounded at the creativity. The first picture I saw was the Muhammed Ali picture (the featured picture for this post), and was transformed by what seemed to me to be sweat flying off the boxing gloves. And then, instantly realized this artwork encompassed both skills.

Click on the gallery, and enjoy Tim’s work.

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