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In one of the most amazing resources on the web, Mensa for kids has lesson plans, suggestions, games and much more to assist you in your child’s development.

A Few Exceptions Worth Noting

Editor's Note: I know a good number of members list "writing" as an interest. I share this piece, originally found here, from The Chicago Manual of Style. It highlights the reality that, in the hands of an expert, rules often yield to exceptions. These are eight of...

Website and Discussion

Website Discussion and Features   Transition and Rework After many months of transition, our website is again back, fully functional. I’d like to now discuss some of the sections and features and benefits. When this was first created, the prime task was to offer...

10 Tips to Keep Your Brain Young

This was originally posted to the blog in IsolatedM, the website dedicated to those Mensans who are far-flung, or otherwise separated from a local group. I had occasion to review the site and (re)found this video. The speaker, herself an IsolatedM fellow Mensan, gave...

Artwork, Timothy Raines

Amazing artwork by member, Timothy Raines. I'd first met Tim over a year ago by accidentally emailing him with a similar name to a co-member of a board I was on. And what a fortuitous accident! When I'd clicked on his website, I saw an unbelievably creative artist,...

Metal Dandelion Sculpture

You may have seen this in Mensa Brainwave. I so like that email newsletter. I just read an article about a Japanese artist who loves to metal-sculpt dandelions. (My hometown actually holds an annual festival to the weed, humorously enough.) But there was something...



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Mensa’s a great organization to join. If you wonder if you qualify, take the sample test and see. If you’re ready to go, take the qualifying test, or submit past test results.

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