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First of all, please comment!


We very much enjoy your participation here. Our goal? Everybody gets to play! So whether it’s to share your comments, or to pick someone’s brain on a particular issue, it begins with registration.

That being said, here’s how it’s done. The first time you click on “Comment” you’ll be directed to a log in page. To comment here you’ll need to register. At the bottom of that log in page, you’ll see a “Register” link. Click on this to begin the process.

It’ll ask for a username and email address, which will be confirmed by sending you an email. This email will link back and prompt you to create a password. And with that, you’re able to log in! The first page you’ll see will be your profile page — and we ask you to fill out this information: We ask for your full name (to help us assure you belong. Don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily show in a post.) And then a “nickname” with which you can also log in with your password. This nickname however, for security reasons must be different from your log in name. After this you’ll be able to select exactly how you want your name to appear in the posts.

What does this give you? Easy answer: the ability to comment. If you ever see something you’d like to add to comments, click and you’re there. And we have the wonderful benefit of your wisdom.

Everyone begins with Subscriber status — this gives you the ability to comment on any post here. Be aware though, any first post must be manually approved before it goes up. Thereafter, it’ll post instantly. This is essential to eliminate very problematic spam, so please be patient with this aspect. We do stay on top of the approval process, so it shouldn’t take too long.

If you’d like to author a post — say, you’ve hosted an event and have a ton of pictures to share — let us know and we’ll “upgrade” you to Contributor. Contact us and we’ll walk you through that first process so you know how it all works.

Let’s play!


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