Highlights of the Year Past (2017)

January, 2017


Well, a year has flown by since I was elected as your Leader/ LocSec/President. I hope I have fulfilled this office with the dignity and respect it deserves. Chances are I will not seek another term and by the time you read this, another capable candidate will have assumed my position. That being said, I am writing another LocSecTalk column in the desiderate it shall be continued in the next issue. Let’s take a look at a few of the highlights from this column these past few months:

  • January 2016… gave a brief bio of your Executive Committee. I was described as a knowledge seeker and an opinion giver. I’m pretty sure I haven’t changed.
  • February…discussed how we eliminated some personal information from public access.
  • March…spoke about needing volunteers to fill several open positions. We have now accomplished this with only one exception.
  • April…thanked our four longest serving members. Common thread: every column thanked someone.
  • May…Asked everyone to let me know if there was anything they were not happy about. Guess we are doing pretty well since I had no replies.
  • June…Reminded all about the upcoming Monthly gathering/ExComm meeting to be held at my community’s Yacht Club in Palmetto. Waxed poetic as to what type of foods to serve.
  • July…returned from Tampa Regional Gathering. Our group was well represented.
  • August…column moved up to page 3 in the 4M! In spite of our ‘eliminating personal information’, I complained about receiving harassing phone calls.
  • September…proudly announced that our group won a National Award: the American Mensa Sapphire Award.
  • October…another announcement: major scholarship awards generated by two members of our group.
  • November.. espoused some psychological theory that one reason we may not have a better turnout at some functions could be because of insecurity issues.
  • December…should have also mentioned the beginning of a new Manasota Mensa tradition. The Annual Star Award to two worthy members.
  • January 2017…hey, you’re reading it right now!

Hank A. Vitan, Local Secretary



Editor’s note: Hank explained to me that the Mensa Sapphire Award in September was for “outstanding performance as a local chapter”.

–Don Chinnici

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