Website, and Vision.

As some of you may know, our website here has been totally redesigned. It still remains at this same URL address, but has a number of new features. I’d like to share some of this; and a little bit of vision of what I had in mind when I designed it.
Websites, especially for the younger generations, have moved beyond simple information, to “I want to interact with it personally.” Community, of sorts. And one of the benefits of this shift keeps us relevant generationally.
The site is in the form of WordPress, which makes space for both the traditional “static” informational pages, as well as a blog section, which is far more frequent, collaborative, and interactive. Posts in this area (accessed via Musings at the top menu) can contain a wide variety of conversations including: Events (future and past), Puzzles, Poetry, Artwork — the sky’s the limit, actually. And any manner of interactive dialog and discussions. Which brings me to my vision:
I repeatedly ask myself the question—and wonder the same thing for others: Why did I join? Why do I remain? For the events, or camaraderie? Something more? I believe with our collective braintrust, we can create the most extraordinarily vibrant organization. And I’ve come to believe most every Mensan, if given half an invitation, will wax long on what they think that should be. It perhaps simply needs the structure and dialog. Well, via postings and comments, this can now be achieved—and, I suspect, needs only a critical mass of participation to make it vibrant.
In that blog section, almost every article has a “Comment” feature at the bottom. And, so that the entire world doesn’t comment on our stuff, it requires a one-time registration for comment access. I’ve envisioned an environment where there are a number of article contributors, each with the opportunity to discuss their area of interest — and to reach out (and have dialog) with their respective communities: Gen X/Y, Gifted kids, LocSec vision, etc. Not to mention general conversation on any issue.
I’m going to begin this there with a posting called, “Why did I join? Why do I remain?” (As well as this essay reposted in longer form.) I hope you will visit, and share your thoughts. Check it out.

Comments, at this site.

You may have noticed, some of the pages, principally in this “blog” section, now have the ability to comment. To take advantage of this, you simply click the Log In link that’s presented, and either login, or follow the information to Register.

On that “login” page, here’s where you sign up:


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