Don Chinnici; Vision for 2017.

February, 2017


Hello All. You may have also seen this information in March’s The 4M, but I wanted to post this here as well, and give the ability not only for announcement but for comment below. As the new Loc Sec, I simply wanted to say hello, and to say that I am very honored to serve this amazing group of people. I also wanted to give you a bit of my vision for the coming year.

As I returned from the AG experience in Hollywood, I began to ask myself the parallel questions, “Why (exactly) did I join? Why do I remain?” —What precisely were the values that brought me here, and kept me here? Perhaps this was a good exercise for this office to come. In probing this with others, I found some commonalities, some of which being, community (“where I can share all my words”, for instance), and affection for others in the local group, etc.  And beyond this, the answers began to vary wildly. While everyone’s answer is different, I believe this is critical to a vibrant organization: In a volunteer organization, If we have no idea what people desire, then does this simply become an exercise for everyone?

In a handful of phone calls I made to members during the elections search, I found something significant: Universally, we Mensa members actually have a lot to say. And will wax long in opinion if given half an opportunity. But most members do indeed want something, which, to varying degrees may (or not) have been fulfilled. For my part, it was the ability to have a set of conversations without having to slow down and explain everything. And others have reflected similarly in conversations.

Meanwhile, my vision is to discover, and implement those things that would be expressed on those hypothetical questions. As the webmaster, you might imagine that I’ll lean on this format for member dialog (which it is designed for in the various comments sections). But, time permitting, I will also try to telephone members one by one. So perhaps, begin to give some thought to this now. And, if the answers already burn, I welcome you to contact me first.

Someone suggested to have a few open brainstorm sessions, where we would literally bring to the table some of these ideas and desires. And for my part, I’d like to offer that I’ll barbecue some ribs, and do it in conjunction with a dinner. Hey, most all of us are in it for the fun, are we not? Perhaps next month you’ll see an announcement for this.

And finally, I wanted to thank everyone that came before, and served in any capacity: We all truly stand on their shoulders.

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