April, 2017


Calling all members!

Although this is largely a duplicate of the column of the April 4M, there is the ability to expound on things a bit more here; if nothing else, simply for the entertainment value of it. Last month, I’d written a 4M article under the title LocSecular. Well, Nancy informed me that that creation of hers was likely more appropriate for her than me, and I agree. So, if nothing else than for the fun of it, I’m choosing to write this month under the banner, LocSequitur — which is very likely a bad mashup of the Latin, and roughly translating to “In this place, the next thing.” Ha. As this is a new office, LocSequitur, it is!

I’d like to highlight this month’s column on membership positions. One of the thrills of being part of any organization is to actively participate. And, I believe there is a fundamental desire to do that, if only given half a chance. Well, here it is! It seems that, nationally, the membership reality is that the various assist positions recirculate among the same few. I’d like to turn the corner a bit on that. Besides the fact that this tends toward burnout, it also deprives others of the joy of participating. Our entire list of positions, both ExComm and Coordinator, are discussed on the website under Leadership. And, this month, I’d like to highlight two of them:

  • Ombudsman — Are you the natural peacemaker, the caretaker who envisions resolving to win-win among dissenting groups? This position is tasked with mediating disputes among members, and I would like to appoint this valuable position such that any potential future dispute may be handled early, striving for the maximum joy of membership.
  • Membership Coordinator — Love hanging around with, and working with people? This person’s role is absolutely vital to the health of this organization; in meeting and greeting, and involving new members. Our current member, Linda, is also serving on another position, and I would like to ease this task.

My vision for this, not verbalized in the 4M due to space, is that each of these positions should be filled with people who want to do them; not those faithful who may have been pressed into service reluctantly. Now, this is not to imply that those who serve are in this mold, but more an expression that I believe that for every need, there is someone with a need to fulfill it — usually, one who would simply be hoping for the invitation. (Here is your invitation!) I know this was the case for me until I got more involved, and presume it for others as well.

In any or all of these, if some interest stirs you, please contact me, and we will begin to work out and to apparentice on these various positions. Our goal is to fill each and all of the positions with people who have an interest in that area, and wished they could help but never have. And I believe these are out there. What sparks for you? Give me a contact.

Additionally, and on that same count of seeking interests, early in May we will have what hopefully begins a short group of brainstorming sessions, to ferret out and plot those things that we want to do as members. Look for the announcements, and come and share what you think the ideal Mensa should be!

–Don Chinnici

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