Dear Manasota Gifted Youth (and their parents!):

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Tom Carrero and I am the Gifted Youth Coordinator (GYC) for Manasota Mensa. I currently live in North Port with my wife of 14 years, our two boys (ages 11 & 8 – both Mensa members), our 5-year-old daughter (not a member… YET) and our 13-year-old Mini-Schnauzer. I own both a law firm and a travel agency (run by immediate family members). I have tried for several YEARS now to coordinate some gifted youth activities to no avail. I’d like to reach out to you now to try once again to get the “ball rolling” with at minimum a meet-and-greet between the gifted youth (and their parents, of course) of our chapter. I’d also like parents to email me with what interests their children and with what schools they attend. Rest assured that the personal information of your children are NOT shared with anyone inside (or out) of the organization. Only the GYC receives this information and we are carefully and diligently screened by National before being appointed to the position. I know all of our schedules are busy, and my intent is not to be pushy, but if any of you have any interest at all in informally getting together, please reach out to me so that I can try to put something together. Mensa is a wonderful organization and this could be a great opportunity to make a new friend! Reach me via the Contact form; Coordinators/Gifted Children. I look forward to hearing from you all. Thank you.

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