Hannah was the Sheltie puppy that I’d recently gotten after more than two years in the process. At ten weeks old, on a routine visit to the vet, she was in kidney failure; and later found to have genetically malformed kidneys. So, after two and a half weeks, I put her down on July 4th.

Run free, little girl.


Sweet Hannah

by Don Chinnici


I’m not sure what hurts me so,

Your loss, or having to give the command to go.


Two and a half weeks is too short a taste,

I weep the loss; and mourn the waste.


But of all the things that I’ll most miss,

Your washing my face with your morning kiss.


You chafed at your lead from the very start,

Leading yourself, revealing your heart.


So, I buckled your collar for one last time,

To survey the span of a neck so fine.


I released it again, and it will remain that way — 

Yesterday was your independence day.


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