Profile Preferences

Preferences – a “how to” for editing the profile settings at National.


At, you will find profile information that includes contact information, birthday, areas of interest, and more. When we prepare the monthly 4M, we draw from some of this information to use in the monthly feature, particularly birthdays. If your birthday is not listed in the U.S. Mensa profile, there is a good chance it will not show up in that month’s listing. We’re aware that some people don’t want to put certain information as they don’t want it published nationally. But there is also a feature there that allows you to selectively hide or show the various aspects of your profile — though this would also suppress it from the birthday feature. And all of this is the subject of this post! How to edit this information, and how to set it to show or hide.

After logging in, you will click on your name, and will see a screen somewhat like the below picture. The two areas you will most use for this are the ones circled, My Demographics, and My Communications Preferences. Click on the My Demographics link will bring you to a screen that includes the some of the following information:

  • General Demographics; including gender, birth date, marital status, and more.
  • Education
  • Occupation, and
  • Areas of Interest, etc.

For each of the areas that you’d like to edit, you simply click the Edit button. When you are done with these entries, you simply click the Back to My Profile page. Now, to edit what will show in your profile, you click the My Communications Preferences link, and this will bring you to a page where you can selectively display or hide from view, the various pieces of information.

Why do we share this information? Recently, we have been compiling the newsletter information (as well as whether you desire The 4M by email, or in print) using multiple sources of information. And eventually, we’re going to merge this into the single National database. When we go to the National-alone source, if your information is not there, there is the likelihood that your birthday will not be featured in that month — and your very delivery of The 4M may be disrupted as well. As this change is coming soon, we encourage you to check these settings.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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