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     In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, American Mensa reached out to members in affected areas including Northwest Florida Mensa, Tallahassee Area Mensa, North Florida Mensa, Tampa Bay Mensa, and Mensa In Georgia. The most badly hit group was Northwest Florida Mensa, and while initial efforts to reach those members have received a limited response (only 30 out of 170 members have checked in as safe as of this writing), outside of our efforts some members have reported that they are safe and have continued with their activities such as happy hours and a local group picnic in late October. The American Mensa Committee (AMC) has appointed Carole Lane of San Diego Mensa as Disaster Relief Coordinator. She’ll help organize our relief effort for those in need by mobilizing and promoting fundraising efforts, coordinating with SIGHT officers to provide temporary shelter, and facilitating the temporary housing of animals. Carole can be reached at


     The AMC held its fall meeting in Arlington near the national office owned by the Mensa Foundation. It was recently announced that the office building was sold by the Foundation, and our operations will be moving to a new facility in December. More detailed information about the move can be found at 

     Actions taken during the AMC meeting included the creation of the AML History Task Force, to be chaired by Howard Prince, and the referral of three motions regarding changes to the ASIEs regarding Responsibility to Control Offending Parties to the Event Safety Task Force (a fourth motion was defeated). The agenda and mini-minutes for that meeting, as well as an audio recording, can be found at by selecting 2018-09-29 – Arlington, TX from the dropdown. The next meeting of the AMC will be a teleconference on October 30. The agenda for this meeting has not yet been finalized but will likely include approval of the minutes from the September meeting (after which they will be posted at the preceding link), as well as discussion of proposed Bylaws changes to be presented to the membership in the 2019 election.


     Speaking of the 2019 election, the Election Portal has been opened (announced in the Mensa Wired e-newsletter on September 18), and information can be found at Online candidate petitions for the AMC will be available from December 1 through January 31, although manual petition signatures may be gathered earlier using the forms at the link above.

     The American Mensa website has a wealth of information for members wanting to serve at the National level, whether as an elected official or by volunteering for several of the national committees. Most important of these are the policy documents, including our Constitution, Bylaws, and Actions Still In Effect (ASIEs). These can all be found at

Until next month (or until I see you online),

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