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     The American Mensa Committee (AMC) met via teleconference on October 30 to vote on Bylaws referendum items for the 2019 election. Four items were passed for the ballot, pending legal review. Those items included:

  • A change to Article IX, Section 6, related to discipline of members whose conduct has been deemed to be harmful,
  • The ability to add one or two days to the election period if needed,
  • A change to the petition deadline from February 1 to January 31,
  • Removal of the requirement for a signed Candidate Acceptance of Nomination for elections.

(Note that if they pass, the three election related referendum items would not take effect until the 2021 election.)

     Two additional referendum items failed to pass for the election: a procedure to fill RVC vacancies (currently in the ASIEs (Actions Still In Effect) but not in the Bylaws), and a change to AMC terms from 2 to 3 years (to match a similar referendum being submitted for members of the International Board of Directors).

     We also approved the minutes of the September 29 AMC meeting, which are now posted on the national website at


     And since it seems we can never have enough meetings, the next AMC meeting is scheduled on Saturday, December 1, via teleconference. The agenda includes: 

  • A motion regarding the rights of both members and hosts and meetings/functions hosted by members, both in members’ homes and in public venues, 
  • A section regarding White Hat requirements at AGs,
  • A list of functions offered by the National Office for AGs, and
  • Meeting room requirements at AGs.

     There will also be reports and updates from the Treasurer, the Event Safety Task Force, the Risk Management Committee and the Governance Task Force.


     As I mentioned last month, the Election Portal is now open at Online candidate petitions for the AMC will be available from December 1 through January 31, although manual petition signatures may be gathered earlier using the forms at the link above. I plan to run for reelection for RVC 10, although I welcome new energy if others choose to run.


     At the Region 10 level, there is currently plenty of activity, including some big events. Lisa Blair will be leading Tampa Bay Mensa’s participation in the Miles For Moffitt cancer awareness event on December 8 as part of Mensa Cares!. Ed Wujciak is leading planning activities for the King Mango Strut satirical parade in Miami on December 30. Debbie Freeland is putting together the next Regional Gathering for Central Florida Mensa over Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend in January. Theresa Hohmann and Belinda Nemeth are continuing to plan the “RG At Sea” cruise for Tampa Bay Mensa over Memorial Day weekend. And many of the local group calendars show holiday parties scheduled.

     It’s nice to see the renewed energy during this season, and I’m thankful for all the volunteers who make things happen. 

     That’s all the space I have for this month. Until next month (or until I see you online),

Thomas George Thomas




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