Some of you may have seen this post on Demographics. The information that I found changed my understanding — partly on the priorities of the Chapter members, and partly on the procedures we may apply going forward. So, in the spirit of travel (in this case, local,) I add today’s observation:

I spy, with my little eye… something of…




It’s been a long number of weeks since I put my running shoes on, which I did today. I was one of the reluctant recipients of the cold that seemed to want to drag in everyone in town. It felt good to get out.

Perhaps it was the reality that I was happy; or perhaps because I was contemplating this “I spy with my little eye” series of blog entries on things seen — specifically things on just such a micro-trip. Whatever the genesis, perhaps it caused me to reach out a little further than I otherwise would have, and see:

About a half-mile in, I rounded a street corner. I’m purposefully doing an easy jog as it’s been a bit too long; I don’t plan on going hard or far. Ahead, a couple of landscape workers begin to cross the street into my area. So I move over a bit, and we all share the road. I’ve long respected that these workers generally do their tasks with minimal or no eye-contact. Kudos to your ethic. But as I pass the lead guy, I take a chance, and turn, and say “Good morning.” With warm eyes, he beams what was already a broad, resident smile, and returns the greeting. And we both enjoy the moments afterward.

On the return trip, a Sheriff passes an oncoming car, beginning to approach my shoulder of this small, neighborhood street. So, at the appropriate moment, I raise a hand and wave. And he returns the wave. And we both enjoy the moments afterward.

Would either of these guys have initiated this if I hadn’t? Who knows; but I was glad to have been a part of it.  

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