Thomas Thomas

     October is Mensa Testing Month. By now you should have all received your MVP (Mensa Voucher Program) Code, which better than last year can be used by multiple prospects, so invite all your friends and relatives to get their free voucher! It’s been demonstrated that friends and family members are the most likely to join after qualifying, so you are our best ambassadors. (Just remember that they need to request the voucher before showing up for the test.)


     The American Mensa Committee (AMC) met on September 6-7 at the National Headquarters in Arlington, Texas. Saturday was our regular quarterly meeting, where we conducted business including reports from our Treasurer Taz Criss (with an investment presentation from Frost Investments) and our Executive Director Trevor Mitchell (with reports from each of the national office department heads). Along with approving new national appointments, we approved three motions (clarifying the AG policy on Speaker Compensation, updating the AML Investment Fund Policy, and disbanding the Local Group Logistics team).

     I’d like to congratulate Brian Reeves of Palm Beach Area Mensa for his appointment as National Advocate, taking over the role from Elissa Rudolph (coincidentally also from Palm Beach Area Mensa). That means there’s now an opening for Region 10 Ombudsman, so I’m looking for candidates. If you are interested in the position, please let me know.

     September is also when we hold our annual planning session. Starting from our current financial and marketing status and member demographics along with known strengths and challenges, we brainstormed ideas for setting the 2020-2025 strategy, and the results will be compiled for our next meeting.


Until next month (or until I see you online),

Thomas George Thomas


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